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Esther Wilder

Dr. Wilder’s current research focuses on the importance of biomedical and social factors in shaping the experience of disability, factors that promote quantitative literacy skills, and the roles of race/ethnicity and religion in explaining demographic and economic outcomes. She has also looked at trends and patterns in scholarly publishing and access to the scholarly literature

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Pamela Smock

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Dr. Smock is a social demographer, and has published on an array of topics relating to family patterns and change in the US. These include unmarried cohabitation; the economic consequences of divorce and marriage for women, men, and children; nonresident fatherhood; child support; the motherhood wage penalty; children’s economic well-being in

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Katherine Rowell

Dr. Rowell has worked on numerous module forms of learning including a diversity module on her campus as part of an NSF project and modules for the MidWest Institute for International Education. She also worked with the American Sociological Association and the NSF on an Integrating Data Analysis project over the past few years. As part

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Jeffrey Morenoff

Ph.D., University of Chicago Dr. Morenoff’s research interests focus on neighborhood environments, crime and criminal justice, the social determinants of health, and racial/ethnic/immigrant inequality. He is currently conducting research on prisoner reentry, the social context and spatial dynamics of health and crime, and neighborhood social processes. Jeff Morenoff began his 5-year term as director of the

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David Lam

Dr. Lam’s research focuses on the interaction of economics and demography in developing countries, including analysis of the economics of population growth, fertility, marriage, and aging. Current research projects include analysis of the links between education and income inequality in Brazil and South Africa, the impact of demographic change on labor markets, and the links

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Lynette Hoelter

Dr. Hoelter’s research focuses on the study of marriage and marital quality in Nepal, and family attitudes and behaviors in the U.S. Her past work includes projects using the Marital Instability across the Life Course data.

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William H. Frey

William H. Frey is a Ph.D. demographer and sociologist specializing in U.S. demographics. He is currently a Senior Fellow with the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC and Research Professor with the Population Studies Center and Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. Dr. Frey has written widely on

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Sarah Burgard

Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles Dr. Burgard’s research interests focus on the way systems of stratification and inequality impact the health of people and populations. She currently studies racial/ethnic and gender-based disparities in working conditions and occupational careers, the effect of these inequalities on health, and the impact of an individual’s working life on

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Jill Bouma

Dr. Bouma’s fields of study include demography, gender, social stratification, work, and education. Her most recent research has been on gender and the allocation of household labor in rural China and on educational and economic roles of Chinese children. In addition to these areas of interest she teaches courses in sociological research methods and introductory

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