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Still an Undergraduate Student?

Undergraduate Studies: Demography & Population Studies
Population Studies and Demography coursework is not limited to graduate level course work. In fact, a number of the programs we have highlighted offer undergraduate coursework in Population Studies and Demography including the University of Michigan, FSU, SUNY-Albany, Princeton, the University of Maryland, the University of Pennsylvania, UC Berkeley, and UT San Antonio. If you are considering graduate level studies in these fields, consider exploring the programs offered at your undergraduate institution. 

Undergraduate Studies: Other Coursework
While you may want to explore Population Studies by enrolling in a class specific to the topic, there are other ways to help prepare for graduate studies in the field. Geographic Information System (GIS) is an system used by many researchers to map population data. Your school may offer training resources in GIS or you might be able to enroll in a course which covers the basics of the program. These classes may be offered through an Urban Planning or Environmental Studies program so explore your course catalog! Courses in survey methodology and statistics would also help provide you with skills frequently used in graduate level coursework and research. 

Research Experience
If you are considering going to a Ph.D. program straight after a Masters, having experience in research is often an important part of a competitive application. Consider finding a research project to work for or a summer internship that will provide you with more research opportunities if you cannot enroll in coursework that will develop this part of your application. Admissions counselors at the programs you are interested in can tell you more about what their program looks. 

Summer Opportunities
Check out our Summer Opportunities page for updates on internships and courses. 

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