Penn State University Combined M.A., Ph.D. in Economics and Demography


Sunday, January 15, 2017

Degree Program

Combined M.A., Ph.D.

With leading researchers in economic theory, econometrics, international economics, and macroeconomics, the Economics Department at Penn State is an outstanding department. A consequence is that students who receive a Ph.D. from Penn State and whose doctoral research is excellent have access to positions at leading academic and research institutions. Our recent placement record confirms this. In the past decade, some of our Ph.D. students have obtained tenure track positions at Harvard, MIT, NYU, Cornell, in business schools at Chicago, Carnegie Mellon, and Toronto.

Predoctoral training is provided through a multidisciplinary, dual-title graduate program in Demography. This unique program allows students to earn a dual-title master’s and doctoral degree in Demography and another academic field. The program enables students to develop expertise and skills in demographic theory, methodologies, and policy analysis while maintaining a professional identification with their social science disciplines. Demography studies the size, composition, and distribution of the population; changes in these characteristics; the processes that determine these changes (fertility, mortality, aging, family status changes, immigration); and their social, economic, and cultural causes and consequences
For more information, please visit the Penn State Department of Economics and Population Research Institute websites.