Demographic Research and Policy Analyst at the University of Virginia

Duties of this position include conducting research on demographic issues; writing reports that contribute to the group’s publication portfolio; teaching applied demography, data visualization, and social science research methods; supervising student research and internship work; organizing demography workshops both graduate and undergraduate students; presenting research to academic conferences, state and local government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private sector employers; advising data users and practitioners; providing data support to clients for contract work as well as pursuing research interests on behalf of the Demographic Research Group.  

University Human Resources strives to identify applicants who will contribute as high potential employees, leaders and managers. The University of Virginia employ individuals who foster and promote the University mission and purpose. Successful candidates exemplify uncommon integrity; they are honest, trusted, team-oriented and live the core values of the University. These candidates display great judgment, by practicing evidence-based decision-making. They are strategically focused by contributing to and achieving department goals and vision. They set high performance standards and hold themselves accountable by aggressively executing these standards. These employees also develop a deep passion for the University and the impact it has on students, faculty, alumni and community. Successful candidates identify their personal career goals and development opportunities, and as supervisors, help their staff do the same. They contribute to team success by leading talent, through their individual efforts and by leading and developing their teams.  

Required Applicant Documents: CV / Resume, Cover Letter, Contact information for 3 References – name, email, phone, Writing Sample

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