Demographic Analyst Job Opportunity at Carolina Population Center


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Carolina Population Center is a community of scholars and professionals collaborating on interdisciplinary research and methods that advance understanding of population issues. This position is within the Carolina Demography unit of the CPC. The Carolina Demography unit translates demographic knowledge into specific usable information to understand the implications of demographic change and to more fully inform decision making, planning, and program evaluation throughout North Carolina. The unit provides demographic assistance to entities primarily in North Carolina, including state and local governmental agencies, educational institutions, businesses, and the media, primarily on a cost-recovery basis.

This position will prepare data and materials to fulfill client requests. This person will research and obtain relevant data sources, conduct quality control checks, construct variables, create analysis files, and conduct preliminary analysis and reporting to address the demographic questions associated with the clients’ needs. This position will also do preliminary interpretation of the results, prepare draft reports and presentations for the clients that describe how demographic change affects their organization, and assist with outreach communications, e.g., website updates, blog posts, and newsletters, to build awareness of the expertise and services provided by the Carolina Demography unit.

The position requires a high level of skill for data management and sophisticated programming for efficient processing of the data and analyses, as well as the ability to be thoughtful and innovative in analyzing and communicating complex data.

For more information, please visit the Carolina Population Center website.