Cornell Population Center

The Cornell Population Center (CPC) serves as the intellectual hub for demographic research and training at Cornell University. It supports demographic research relating broadly to four core themes: (1) families and children; (2) health behaviors and disparities; (3) poverty and inequality; and (4) immigration and diversity. CPC is a university-wide program serving 116 faculty and 86 student affiliates from 23 departments and programs. Matthew Hall is CPC Director.

CPC coordinates and promotes national and international population research, encourages cross-disciplinary innovation, facilitates research funding, strengthens interdisciplinary training, and translates academic studies into policy recommendations and guidance for practitioners.

Grant Development Program
CPC’s Grant Development Program supports the development and submission of grant proposals to population-related external funding agencies through mentorship, training, and feedback on work-in-progress.

Seminar Series and Events
CPC expands networks of population research. It hosts a seminar series that brings innovations in population science to campus. Other events include an annual conference developing CPC’s core themes and an annual workshop for population scholars from Upstate New York.

Undergraduate and Graduate Demography Minors
CPC’s multidisciplinary training program provides students with opportunities to develop fundamental demographic tools and insights from a range of perspectives.

Frank H. T. Rhodes Fellowship Program
CPC runs a postdoctoral training program with generous support from the Atlantic Philanthropies’ endowment in honor of former Cornell president, Frank H. T. Rhodes.

For more information:
Cornell Population Center
2301B MVR Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
Contact: Meg Cole | | 607-255-1960

Pathways into Program

Graduate training at CPC is multidisciplinary and provides students with opportunities to develop fundamental demographic insights and methodological tools, as well as to engage with arguments from a range of perspectives. The campus-wide graduate minor in Demography is open to Ph.D. students in all social science fields. To qualify for completion of the minor, students must successfully complete the course requirements and attend CPC seminars.  In addition to these course requirements, graduate minors must include at least one CPC faculty affiliate on their committeeTo apply for the minor, contact the CPC Training Director, Vida Maralani.