University of California, Los Angeles Sociology Ph.D.


Friday, December 1, 2017


University of California, Los Angeles

Degree Program


Among the top sociology departments, UCLA stands out for our breadth and our depth. They are unique in spanning the entire gamut of the discipline, from conversation analysis and ethnomethodology on one end, to mathematical sociology on the other, with virtually every other major specialty represented. Faculty research interests range from the past (Renaissance Italy or 18th century China) to the future (the internet), from here (Los Angeles) to there (Eastern Europe or Korea), from the micro (two people in conversation) to the largest (world empires). They are methodologically diverse, boasting the largest contingent of ethnographers of any department, working in friendly co-existence with a very sophisticated group of quantitative researchers. The department conducts sociological research in any number of ways, whether through direct observation, recording of naturally occurring data, conducting large-scale sample surveys, examining documents in historical archives, experiment, or secondary data analysis.

The graduate program of the Department of Sociology trains scholars to conduct original research contributing to the advance of sociological knowledge and to teach sociology at the university level. For this reason, the Department will accept only students who are seeking the Ph.D. degree (a Master of Arts degree may be earned as part of the process of completing the requirements for the Ph.D.).

The Ph.D. in sociology usually leads to a career in research and/or teaching. Although most sociologists are employed by universities, there are increasing career opportunities in government and other non-university research centers.

For more information, please visit the UCLA Department of Sociology website.