University of California Irvine Demographic and Social Analysis Program


Friday, January 15, 2016


University of California, Irvine

Degree Program


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with first consideration accorded to those received by January 15th. Applications received as late as June 30th may still receive consideration, but only if a qualified class has not already been admitted. Thus, to ensure maximum consideration, prospective students should submit their applications, and complete the GRE exam, as early during the applications window as possible.

The Demographic and Social Analysis (DASA) program is organized around the interdisciplinary field of demography and draws faculty and courses mainly from the Schools of Social Sciences and Social Ecology. Depending on the path of admission, a student who completes the program will earn one of the following degrees:

– M. A. in Social Sciences (Concentration in Demographic and Social Analysis)
– M. A. in Social Ecology (Concentration in Demographic and Social Analysis)

The nine-month Master of Arts curriculum is integrated with the introductory graduate courses in each of the two schools, and includes population theory, research design, descriptive and inferential statistics, and demographic methods. These core courses are complemented by a varying menu of population-relevant electives. The academic year culminates in either an oral exam (Social Sciences) or a thesis (Social Ecology).

At present, students may apply for direct admission into DASA only through Social Sciences.