UNC Chapel Hill Carolina Population Center Predoctoral Training Program


Monday, January 25, 2016


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Degree Program

Training program

Reflecting the unique interdisciplinary nature of the center, CPC trainees and faculty are drawn from many departments. A focus on population must be central to each trainee’s program of study, but doctoral students from any UNC-CH department are eligible to apply. The forty-three CPC predoctoral trainees during Fall Semester 2014 are enrolled in the following departments:

All CPC predoctoral trainees must be enrolled in programs leading to a doctoral degree at UNC-CH. Because the CPC neither admits students nor awards degrees, it is the individual responsibility of each traineeship applicant to obtain admission to an appropriate doctoral program. CPC funds are generally allocated before departments complete admission decisions, therefore new applicants are urged to submit graduate school applications by December 16 so that departmental decisions may be made prior to CPC deadlines. Information on graduate admission procedures may be obtained from departmental registrars.