Intern – GIS Data Engineer


Friday, January 21, 2022

Degree Program

UN Development Programme

The intern is expected to support in the next phase of development of this platform, specifically with the effort to develop a comprehensive and standardized geospatial database for SIDS. The geospatial platform is focused specifically on the SIDS in order to be effective in advancing policymaking by visualizing the challenges these countries face and mapping potential solutions. In addition to the publicly available datasets, the platform will be designed to visualize geospatial studies being developed by UNDP and other UN agencies. Analysis tools will be added to extract insights from the geospatial datasets such as correlation between datasets, identification of high-risk areas within countries, visualizing regional development potential in food security, water, and energy. The date pipeline will be refined from our current pipeline to prepare it to be hosted on the cloud in an automated environment. This intern will take responsibility for managing this data pipeline as well as the ongoing work to curate the geospatial database.

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