Brown University Population Studies and Training Center Training Program through Sociology Ph.D.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Brown University

Degree Program

Training program

The Brown University Population Studies and Training Program allows Ph.D students to apply for training in population studies. The PSTC does not grant degrees, but rather provides resources and opportunities in the form of faculty mentorship, financial support, and physical workspace for students with population interests. o affiliate with the PSTC, graduate students must apply to the training program and reapply annually to maintain membership. Applications (and reapplications) are distributed in the spring. Some students indicate an interest in population studies on their applications to graduate school. Other students apply to the training program after enrollment in their graduate programs, sometimes after coursework sparks an interest in demography. Either way, admission into the training program begins with admission to one of the affiliated Ph.D. programs.

More information about the training program here. Affiliated Ph.D. programs include anthropology, economics, political science, public health, and sociology.