Citizens Research Council of Michigan

The Citizens Research Council of Michigan is a privately funded, not-for-profit public affairs research organization, founded in 1916. Since then, the objective of CRC has been to provide factual, unbiased, independent information on significant issues concerning state and local government organization and finance. CRC believes that the use of this information by policymakers will lead to sound, rational public policy formation in Michigan.

The Citizens Research Council of Michigan is noted for the accuracy and objectivity of its research. Over the years, CRC has made significant contributions to the ongoing debate over the appropriate role of government and has gained vast experience in virtually every facet of state and local government.

The goal of CRC is to secure good government for the citizens of Michigan — government that is representative of and responsible and accountable to the public; effective in carrying out its responsibilities and providing services; and efficient in the use of its resources. Research Council activities focus on four areas:

  • Monitoring trends in state and local finances;
  • Analyzing the structure and organization of government;
  • Conducting in-depth studies of major public policy issues; and
  • Assisting public officials and concerned citizens to promote efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability in governmental operations.