There are many employment opportunities in the field of academia for those with an educational background in population sciences. Demographers can work in many areas of academia such as research universities, masters-granting state universities, liberal arts colleges, and community colleges. While departments of demography are not common at universities, many demographers hold positions in the departments of sociology, economics, statistics, or public health.

Depending on the type of academic setting, demographers will split their time evenly between research and instructing undergraduate and graduate level courses. Instruction topics often include teaching students of different disciplines basic demographic methods but vary, however, depending on the course type and difficulty level.

Research activities may vary depending on area of interest. However, many activities may include the analysis of census data, or the development of new demographic methods, for example. Many also go on to publish their research findings in scientific papers as well as present their findings at professional conferences. They may also prepare relevant articles for magazines or provide technical advice to other governmental, private, and international organizations.