U.S. Census Bureau International Workshop Announcement: Understanding the Demographic Dividend

The U.S. Census Bureau’s International Programs will conduct a workshop on Understanding the Demographic Dividend from September 12 to 16, 2016 at the headquarters office near Washington, D.C. The demographic dividend is the name given by economists, David Bloom and David Canning at Harvard University, to the boost in economic growth that can result from changes in a country’s population age structure. 

The goals of this workshop are to help participants:

  • Deepen their appreciation of the concept of the demographic dividend and emphasize its  value for grounding discussions of national development goals
  • Understand the key social and economic factors that produce the demographic dividend and how they are interconnected (demographic transition, health, education, labor, gender, etc.)
  •  Increase familiarity with secondary data sources available online, as well as the National Transfer Accounts Database
  • Explore the concept of the “second demographic dividend”
  • Estimate, update, or refine a model of the demographic dividend in a country chosen by each participant

This workshop is designed for analysts, policymakers, and managers working in government agencies (statistics, labor, education, environment, gender, etc.), nongovernmental organizations, and other settings who wish to enhance their knowledge about the demographic dividend.  Familiarity with Microsoft Excel is expected.

If you are interested in attending or sponsoring a participant for this workshop, please email expressions of interest to pop.international.workshops@census.gov and you will receive an application form. The workshop is expected to fill rapidly, but a waitlist will be created.