PIPS at ASA 2018

Incorporating American Community Survey and US Census Data into Undergraduate Courses

For more information, visit the American Sociological Association’s session page.
1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
Registration Fee: $15

The American Community Survey (ACs) and US Census are the most widely used data sets in the social sciences. These data sets provide a wealth of research opportunities for all scholars from novices to experts, making it an excellent resource for teaching undergraduates both in substantive and methods courses. This workshop will focus on how faculty and future faculty can integrate analyses of US Census and American Community Survey (ACS) data in relevant, user-friendly ways in such courses as Intro Sociology, Social Problems, Stratification, Race Relations, the Family, Sociology of Aging, Population, and more. For the best experience, participants should bring a laptop or tablet.

The course has three main objectives. By the conclusion of the course, participants will: (1) be able to demonstrate how existing sociology courses can incorporate ACS/Census data analysis; (2) be able to identify best practices for incorporating these data into substantive courses; and (3) know of ACS/Census data resources appropriate for intro-level courses through methods/stats-level courses.