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The Cornell Population Center (CPC), directed by Dr. Daniel T. Lichter, has 110 faculty affiliates from 24 departments and programs who specialize in population research relating broadly to four core themes: (1) families and children; (2) health behaviors and disparities; (3) poverty and inequality; and (4) immigration and diversity. Cross-cutting themes include a focus on public policy, racial and ethnic diversity, migration and immigration, social and biological mechanisms, and domestic-international research. 

The Cornell Population Center coordinates and promotes national and international population research, encourages cross-disciplinary innovation, facilitates research funding, improves interdisciplinary training, and converts academic studies into policy recommendations and guidance for practitioners.

Pathways into Program

The CPC offers a campus-wide minor in Demography that is open to Ph.D. students in all social science graduate fields (including Statistics). This minor requires students to complete a substantive course in population studies, a course in demographic methods, and the demography pro-seminar that is team taught by the CPC faculty. The program introduces a wide range of students to demographic perspectives and analytical approaches that will enhance their scholarly capabilities and their career options in academia, national and international government agencies, and for non-profit research organizations.

Admission to the Demography minor requires that at least one member of the student's special committee is a CPC affiliate. Application for admission is made only to the major fields. After matriculation, a student may select to minor in Demography.

Students interested in this program should contact Ms. Geysa Smiljanic at or Professor Lindy Williams at

Degree Types

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