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Brown University

Population Studies and Training Center

The Population Studies and Training Center at Brown University, formally established in 1965, is internationally respected demography research and training center offering an outstanding interdisciplinary graduate training program and fostering a stimulating environment for population-related research and education.

Pathways into Program

Predoctoral students with population studies interests in the departments of Anthropology, Economics, Political Science,Public Health, and Sociology may apply to the PSTC training program. The PSTC does not grant degrees, but rather, provides resources and opportunities in the form of faculty mentorship, financial support, and physical workspace for students with population interests.

To affiliate with the PSTC, graduate students must apply to the training program and reapply annually to maintain membership. Applications (and reapplications) are distributed in the spring. Some students may indicate an interest in popluation studies on their applications to graduate school. Other students may apply to the training program after enrollment in their graduate program, sometimes after coursework sparks an interest in demography. 

Degree Types

Master's Programs
  • The PSTC third-floor meeting space and offices
  • Weekly colloquia and various workshops play an integral part in the PSTC's training program
  • PSTC's Population Sciences Research Day

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