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The Duke University Population Research Institute (DuPRI) is an interdisciplinary research organization bringing together researchers from the biological, economic, mathematical, psychological, statistical, sociological, and policy sciences at Duke. The Institute seeks to advance science in the area of demography and population science, as well as expand the current boundaries of demographic investigation.

DuPRI students are currently gaining research experience here in the U.S. and throughout the world. Several important international data collection efforts are led by Duke faculty in China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and other areas of the world, and research opportunities abound. Students in the program have the opportunity to obtain cutting edge empirical skills as well as develop deep substantive knowledge in important areas of the population sciences. DuPRI offers training that allows students to integrate insights from biology, economics, psychology and sociology into their own research programs.

Areas of Specialization: 
Health and Social Inequalities
Population Dynamics
Population Health and Well-being

Pathways into Program

Predoctoral Opportunities

Reflecting the unique interdisciplinary nature of the institute, DuPRI trainees and faculty are drawn from many departments. Students interested in training in the Population Sciences at Duke must be registered in the Ph.D. program of one of our constituent departments—whether Biology, Evolutionary Anthropology, Economics, Public Policy, Psychology or Sociology—and a focus on population research must be central to each trainee's program of study for eligibility to apply.

Postdoctoral Opportunities

Applicants must have completed a doctoral degree in one of the social, behavioral, or policy sciences before beginning the fellowship. Training in demography or a commitment to acquiring such training in the postdoctoral appointment is essential. Fellows will be selected on the basis of academic excellence, prior record of accomplishments, potential to bring diverse ideas and experience in demography to Duke University, ability to interact successfully with a broad range of faculty members, and compatibility of research and interests with a sponsoring mentor. 

Applicants to either program should send a letter of application, curriculum vitae, and samples of research writings electronically to Administrative Director Heather Tipaldos.

Prospective students can also call 919-681-1972 or write to:

Duke Population Research Institute
Social Sciences Research Institute
Box 90989 Durham, NC 27708

Degree Types